The Bowman Fork Trail

Yesterday I attempted my first Millcreek Canyon hike for 2011. I had forgotten that the gate leading to the end of Millcreek Canyon Road doesn’t open until July 1st so I ended up exploring the trailheads at the Terraces Group Picnic area. Just before you get to the gate, you can turn right and head 1/4 miles to the trailhead parking area just above the picnic areas. There are two trail heads: Bowman Fork and Elbow Fork. I decided to check out Bowman. It’s a very pretty hike with streams running next to the trail. About a mile or so into the hike the incline progresses rather quickly and continues for a distance. One you get past that first incline, the mountain views are breathtaking. Unfortunately, right about the time I reach the good scenery, A massive thunderstorm hit and I had to turn back.  I didn’t even get a chance to take some photos but I plan on revisiting the trail later this summer.