Springsteen By Eric Church The Music Video

I came across Springsteen by Eric Church this morning and fell in love with the song. One of my new favorite country jams. The song is about a love affair between two people, but an affair that took place at a concert other than Bruce Springsteen.

“I never think about her any other time, except when that song is on. That’s where the ‘Springsteen’ came from, and he seemed to be the perfect guy to craft that story around because of my love for him … I have such a reverence for Bruce Springsteen‘s career and how he’s built it.” – Eric Church.

Springsteen by Eric Church on VEVO

Healthy Housing Market Lies Ahead According to New Report

Healthy Housing Market 2014 300x197 Healthy Housing Market Lies Ahead According to New ReportA healthy housing market lies ahead this spring according to the latest National Housing Trend Report from Realtor.com.  The report reveals year-over-year growth and modest price increases, both signs of a healthy housing market.

Housing Market Inventory on the Rise

According to numbers from Realtor.com, the number of homes for sale in March rose 9.5 percent above March 2013. Additionally, the median price of homes listed for sale increased 5.3 percent compared to homes listed during March, 2013. This added inventory may result in more affordable home prices.

The Swedish Oat Starch Mix Diet

Bradley Castleberry Standing Jump 300x270 The Swedish Oat Starch Mix DietI’ve never heard of the swedish oat start mix diet until I watched this video of massive 250 lb. TN Athlete Bradley Castleberry set his all time standing jump record. The Facebook video included Castleberry’s daily diet which consisted of a high amount swedish oat start — something I hadn’t ever even heard about until now.

Castleberry’s daily meals (according to FB post) consisting of a lot of swedish oat starch!

  1. Swedish oat starch mixed into vanilla cytogainer.
  2. Pre train Karboload, BCCA Boost and Swedish oat starch mixed into vanilla cyctogainer.
  3. Post train Karboload, BCAA Boost, and Swedish oat starch mixed in to vanilla cytogainer.
  4. Taco Bell or some other kind of burrito.
  5. Swedish oat starch (you guessed it) mixed with vanilla cytogainer.

Get More information on: Vanilla Cytogainer | Karboload | Swedish Oat Starch

Whether or not this is this guy’s true diet is up in the air, but he sure is doing something right to look like that!

Hiking the Schoolroom Boulders in Ogden Utah

IMG 0276 300x225 Hiking the Schoolroom Boulders in Ogden UtahAfter completing a hike up Taylor Canyon, I decided I’d try hiking the schoolroom boulders in Ogden located just outside Taylor Canyon to the North. The Schoolroom is a fun little area that offers great views of Ogden.  It’s easy to hike and there are several large boulders to climb and explore.  [Read more...]

Taylor Canyon Hike in Ogden (Hiking to the Top)

20140419 184445 Taylor Canyon Hike in Ogden (Hiking to the Top)Last week I did the Taylor Canyon Hike in Ogden. Like my hike to Malan’s Basin a few days earlier, I parked at the top of 27th street which takes you right up Taylor Canyon. For this hike (which is rather short) I continued up the Canyon straight past the Malan’s Peak turnoff and along the north side of the creek. It’s probably only .25 of a mile up until the canyon splits into two and you reach a fork in the road. This is basically where the main trail ends, however there are somewhat undefined trails that continue further up either side of the canyon. For my journey I headed up the north fork which looped around into a dense meadow that was clearly not visited by hikers too often. The trail pretty much came to an end at this point so I just turned around and headed back down.

My Thoughts on the Taylor Canyon Hike

This is a good hike if you want something short and rather simple. It’s an ideal trail if you’re looking for a night hike in Ogden, or perhaps a place to go picnic.

Towards the top of Taylor Canyon I did notice a lot of campsites where people had made fire pits. While I’m not sure of the legality of doing this (I’m assuming it’s not legal), It would be a nice area to meet up with friends for an evening.

But if you are looking for a longer, more scenic, and somewhat challenging hike in Ogden, then I’d suggest turning off towards Malan’s Peak instead of going straight up Taylor Canyon. [Read more...]

Utah Population Could Double By 2050

 Utah Population Could Double By 2050Research by The Utah Foundation expects a Utah population increase of 2.5 million people by the year 2050, adding to the 2.9 million that currently live in the state. Two-thirds of the Utah population increase will be from Utah’s high birth rate. The remaining population growth will is expected to come from immigration.

Utah Population Growth by City

Areas expected to see the highest increase in Utah population include:

  • Eagle Mountain (Utah County) population increase from 21,415 to 114,400.
  • Saratoga Springs (Utah County) population increase from 17,781 t0 107,900.
  • Utah County population growth of 700,000 people.
  • Salt Lake County population growth of 630,000 people.
  • Wasatch County expected growth of 225%.
  • Tooele County expected growth of 171%.
  • Summit County expected growth of 143%.
  • Juab County expected growth of 128%.
  • Morgan County expected growth of 115%.
  • Cache County expected growth of 106%.

Areas that are already nearly built out in along the Wasatch Front include much of Salt lake, Davis, and Weber Counties.

Don’t Forget That Bucket List

bucket list 300x258 Dont Forget That Bucket ListYes, I’ve created a bucket list, probably more than once. The problem is I go through the effort of creating a bucket list with high ambitions and then forget about it.

As I’ve said before, one of my biggest fears in life is someday finding myself on my death-bed with regrets about the things I didn’t do.

Procrastination and the Bucket List

One of the biggest challenges associated with carrying out a bucket list is procrastination. I’ll put something off until tomorrow, which turns into next week, and then next year, and finally… well it never happens at all.

In reality I just haven’t taken my bucket list seriously. I’ve embraced the idea of bucket listing, but haven’t ever made it a priority. However that needs to change. I mean, I’ll make it a priority to file my taxes on time but disregard the self-fulfilling stuff that will ultimately matter to me in the end. It’s ridiculous really.

There comes a time in your life when you really need to make yourself a priority, and for me, that time is now. For inspiration I turn to one of my favorite movies “The Bucket List” starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

[Read more...]

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Utah National Parks (Mighty 5) Free This Easter Weekend

IMG 2065 300x300 Utah National Parks (Mighty 5) Free This Easter WeekendThis Easter weekend you can tour any of the Mighty 5 Utah National Parks Free. Entrance fees to all five of the Utah National Parks as well as parks throughout the USA are being waived this weekend as part of National Park Week.

Free Entrance To These Utah National Parks

So grab the friends or family and head down to south Utah. Entrances fees to these Utah National Parks are typically around $25 per vehicle — quite the savings!

Ogden Utah Is The 3rd Best City To Raise A Family Says Forbes Magazine

25th Street Ogden Utah 300x190 Ogden Utah Is The 3rd Best City To Raise A Family Says Forbes MagazineForbes Says Ogden Utah is the 3rd best city to raise a family in 2014.

The only other Utah city to make the list was Provo and it ranked number 10.

Forbes Survey Factors That Made Ogden Utah Rank Highly

  • Income
  • Cost of Living
  • Housing Affordability
  • Commute Time
  • Crime Rate
  • School Quality

Out of the 100 cities surveyed Forbes Magazine said Ogden Utah had the largest spread between the median household income and cost of living.

“Ogden offers a relatively low-cost of living even with household incomes that beat the average of large U.S. metro areas.”

Forbes also said that Ogden has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.