This video Tutorial explains how to customize Salesforce Attachments in contact records. Override the existing notes and attachments section with a custom attachment upload solution for your organization.

A website with a background video is the cool new thing these days. I’m noticing more and more sites (like Paypal for example) using videos as site backgrounds. Today I decided I’d play around with this new design concept by adding a video background to my own site. I kept it simple by utilizing a WordPress plugin called mb.YTPlayer for background videos. Simple enter a youtube video URL of your choice and the plugin converts the video to a background on your site’s homepage.

I came across this new Five Four Club clothing deliver service. For $60 a month, you get new clothing delivered to you automatically each month. Sounds appealing, especially for someone like me who doesn’t like to shop. I’m turned off though by the fact that the clothing is branded with the five four club logo. For a service like this, I’d much rather  the clothes carry include no branding at all.

Naming Inanimate Objects


Back when I was a kid I named a lot of inanimate objects. One such object was an investment home that my family owned back in the 1980's. The house was somewhat of an icon, located right behind the  "Welcome to Morgan" sign just as you turn into Continue Reading

One of the most frustrating things for me is working out hard for gains without getting fat. On the flip side, gaining fat sucks. Yet building a lot of muscle without putting on a bunch of extra fat is a constant battle.

Gaining an maintaining muscle while losing fat isn’t impossible though. It’s a simple science of balancing your calories and eat right.

Mike Mathews on Losing Fat Without Muscle