Utah National Parks (Mighty 5) Free This Easter Weekend

IMG 2065 300x300 Utah National Parks (Mighty 5) Free This Easter WeekendThis Easter weekend you can tour any of the Mighty 5 Utah National Parks Free. Entrance fees to all five of the Utah National Parks as well as parks throughout the USA are being waived this weekend as part of National Park Week.

Free Entrance To These Utah National Parks

So grab the friends or family and head down to south Utah. Entrances fees to these Utah National Parks are typically around $25 per vehicle — quite the savings!

Ogden Utah Is The 3rd Best City To Raise A Family Says Forbes Magazine

25th Street Ogden Utah 300x190 Ogden Utah Is The 3rd Best City To Raise A Family Says Forbes MagazineForbes Says Ogden Utah is the 3rd best city to raise a family in 2014. The only other Utah city to make the list was Provo and it ranked number 10.

Forbes Survey Factors That Made Ogden Utah Rank Highly

  • Income
  • Cost of Living
  • Housing Affordability
  • Commute Time
  • Crime Rate
  • School Quality

Out of the 100 cities surveyed Forbes Magazine said Ogden Utah had the largest spread between the median household income and cost of living.

“Ogden offers a relatively low-cost of living even with household incomes that beat the average of large U.S. metro areas.”

Forbes also said that Ogden has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

The Hike To Malan’s Peak Via Taylor Canyon

Malans Peak Trail 226x300 The Hike To Malans Peak Via Taylor CanyonYesterday in Ogden I embarked on a nice hike to Malan’s Peak Via Taylor Canyon. Access to this trailhead is available at the top of 27th Street (parking is available along 27th).

Ogden’s 27th vs. 29th Street Trailheads

You can access multiple Ogden trails from 27th Street. In addition to Malan’s Peak you can continue hiking up Taylor Canyon, connect to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, or head over to Waterfall Canyon. The 29th street trailhead provides access to the same trails but it’s a longer walk to the Malan’s Peak trailhead from 29th street. 29th is a great starting point though if you are headed up Waterfall Canyon. Additionally the 29th street trailhead offers off-street parking and restrooms (during the summer months).

Hiking to Malan’s Peak

Hiking to Malan’s Peak Via Taylor Canyon is one of my favorite Ogden hikes. It offers everything from peaceful serenity as you venture through the wooded Taylor Canyon to breathtaking views of Ogden and the nearby mountains.

Technically this hike is fairly easy, however there are a lot of switchbacks and a steep incline. Prepare to be winded and sore if you’re not in the best shape. The hike to Malan’s Peak is over 3 miles one way depending on where you start, but the view at the top of the trail makes it all worth it.

IMG 0195 300x225 The Hike To Malans Peak Via Taylor CanyonMalan’s Basin

Once you’ve made it to Malan’s Peak you have the option to continue to Malan’s Basin and since you’ve made it this far, you might as well go on and check it out. The hike to Malan’s Basin is very easy from the top of the mountain peak and I’d said its probably only another half a mile.

Once you get down to Malan’s Basin you’ll find a plaque marking the location of Malan Heights Resort which existed at this spot from 1893 to 1913. Malan Heights Resort was a two-story hotel with a club house  and log cabins. A sawmill also existed at the location.

If you’re hiking in Ogden then this is one hike you don’t want to leave off your list. You can see the entire Ogden Valley from Malan’s Peak and its absolutely breathtaking. It’s a great trail to conquer from Spring to Fall, although I did still encounter a lot of snow towards the top of the trail in mid-April.

Salt Lake City Housing Market Best in 2014?

Screen Shot 2014 04 18 at 9.57.36 AM 300x243 Salt Lake City Housing Market Best in 2014?A new study by Zillow predicts the Salt Lake City housing market will be the hottest in the nation during 2014.  According to they research, the Salt Lake City housing market will top all others because of the lower than average unemployment rate as well as an increase in population and Salt Lake Home Values. With housing supply limited right now, homeowners can expect to sell their homes (if priced correctly) within 4 months or less on average.

Salt Lake City Housing Market Local News Report

Vapor Fest? We Must be in Ogden

E Cigarettes 300x227 Vapor Fest? We Must be in OgdenAn event called Vapor Fest sounds intriguing, and then you learn that it’s an e-cigarette festival and realize, yup… only in Ogden.

It’s no joke, though, Vapor Fest is coming to Ogden this June at the Weber County Fair Grounds.  The event will feature local vapor shops as well as food, music, and other vendors.

According to the event organizer, Vapor Fest is intended for people 19 and older who like to “Vape”

Kudos to these guys and their creativity. While I don’t vape myself, I do support those who choose e-cigarettes over traditional and more harmful tobacco products.

Gay Mormon Tyler Glenn From Neon Trees Is Proud And Faithful

Recently out of the closet, the newest celebrity Gay Mormon Tyler Glenn from the band Neon Trees said he is proud to be gay and will remain a devout member of the Mormon Church. In an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune, Glen said that he believes he was born gay and believes there is nothing in Just Christ teachings that tells him he is unworthy.

Glenn is a Utah native out of Provo lead singer of Neon Trees.  The rock band’s third album “Pop Psychology” will be released on April, 22, 2014.

Neon Trees will perform on June 16th in Salt Lake City at the Complex 536 W. 100 S.

Voices In The Halls From Tyler Glenn and Neon Trees

Mrs. Doubtfire 2 – A Sequel 21 Years in the Making

Mrs Doubtfire 2 300x244 Mrs. Doubtfire 2   A Sequel 21 Years in the MakingSurprisingly Chris Columbus is making a Mrs. Doubtfire 2, really?

I was still rather young when Mrs. Doubtfire came out back in 1993. I enjoyed the movie back then mainly because I thought it was funny to see Robin Williams dress up like a fat old lady. Now when I watch this flick I can’t stop laughing. I guess the true (adult) humor of Mrs. Doubtfire was just over my head back in those days.

What To Expect From Mrs Doubtfire 2

I imagine they will have to go down an entirely different road with Mrs. Doubtfire 2. I mean, no amount of makeup is going to hide the fact that Robin Williams in 21 years older.  And what about the rest of the cast like Sally Field, Pierce Brosnan, and those kid actors; will they return? The Original Mrs. Doubtfire ended with no sequel really needed so I really don’t see where they can go with a sequel story. But with Chris Columbus and Robin Williams behind the wheel, It’ll likely to be good show.

Downtown Ogden’s MovieGrille Offers Fine Food and Flix

MovieGrille in Ogden 300x207 Downtown Ogdens MovieGrille Offers Fine Food and FlixToday’s restaurant of choice was MovieGrille on Grant Avenue as I continue to sample Ogden restaurants during the Ogden Restaurant Week event.

There’s a bit of personal nostalgia tied to the MovieGrille theater. When I was a kid I visited the old theater at this location several times with my mom and grandma. Some of the movies I remember seeing here included Little Mermaid and Honey I Shrunk The Kids. That was a long time ago and after several years of being vacant, this theater has undergone an impressive renovation. Great work MovieGrille!

The MovieGrille Food

Honestly my expectations weren’t that great going into this place. It’s not often that you associate good food with movie theaters. I have to say however that I was pleasantly surprised with MovieGrille.

For $8 (Ogden Restaurant Week Special) I got a kick ass dinner salad with delicious blue cheese dressing and a delicious turkey sandwich. This place also offers beer, wine and a nice dining room if you don’t plan on watching a movie while you eat.

I only stayed for lunch so I wasn’t able to check out the theater, but I hear its nice with leather recliners, and tables for your meal. I’m sure I’ll be back soon to check out a show.

minilink Downtown Ogdens MovieGrille Offers Fine Food and Flix

New Home Purchases Increase Among Homebuyers

Mortgage Application 300x199 New Home Purchases Increase Among HomebuyersMore Homebuyers are going after new home purchases according to the latest MBA Builder Application Survey.

Mortgage applications for new home purchases increased by 15% in March 2014 relative to the previous month.

Breakdown of Mortgage Applications for New Home Purchases

  • Conventional Loans: 68.3%
  • FHA Mortgage Loans: 17.2%
  • RHS/USDA Loans: 1.6%
  • VA Mortgage Loans: 12.9%

The average mortgage on new home purchases during the month of March was $296,428. The Mortgage Bankers Association estimates there were 46,000 new home sales during March, 2014 which is an increase of 7.% from the month before.